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Your One-Stop-Shop
for Strategic Intelligence

How it works


Social networks? Websites? APIs? RSS feeds? Why choose just one? With TaDaweb you can monitor everything that is relevant to your business using one, collaborative solution.


Smart, Like You

TaDaweb thinks like you do.
Unlike other solutions that provide you with a black box, TaDaweb's transparent solution places your intelligence at the center, so you don't have to change a thing.


You're the Driver

No one knows better than you, what information you need for your business! TaDaweb provides you with all the tools you require to build your own solution, so you can stay ahead.

Laptop Creator
  • 1 Select sources, extraction or transformation tools.
  • 1 Simply drag & drop to create your query.
  • 1 Structure the information from any source any way you want.
  • 1 The output is the intelligence you need.
  • 1 Save your query and replay it when you want.
  • 1 View and take advantage of any web source.
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